A Global Collaborative Network for Screening and
Diagnosis of Fetal Congenital Heart Disease
Screening and Diagnostic Medical Service of Congenital
Heart Disease (Software+Hardware+Professional Doctors)
Empower hospitals that lack of experience on fetal heart disease diagnosis

Intelligent ScreeningWorld Leading Deep Analysis

The fetal congenital heart disease intelligent screening system, developed based on the blockchain-based smart contract, is equipped with the Deep Analysis for congenial heart disease model. Screening accuracy reaches world-class levels( Research results have been received by Transactions on Medical Imaging).

Full Process Quality ControlPrecise guidance/Reliable Quality

CHDR B-ultrasonic navigation system can help doctors accurately collect fetal heart ultrasound images, so that fetal congenital heart disease screening is no longer dependent on doctor's operation solely. In addition, our team of medical experts will provide full screening quality control.

Global ConsultationWorld-class and full-time service

CHDR's global team of senior doctors can provide international teleconsultation services for suspected patients and critically-ill patients. As Chilean partners‘s plan has been launched, more and more professional doctors will join us in the near future.

Contract ManagementClear rights and responsibilities/Safe and efficient

The service rights and responsibilities within multi- dimensional management system, based on blockchain and smart contracts, cannot be tampered and traceable, which can enable local doctors to obtain comprehensive services, and also help local hospital administrators to improve decision-making efficiency.

It is expected that 50 hospitals will be connected by the end of 2019.
Future Planning
Assetization of Data and Knowledge
Data-driven business monetization