"Original Intention of LEBEN: Exchange Data, Computing Power, Knowledge While Three Resources Locate in Different Places".

LEBEN is a platform to share knowledge and data in a distinctive ecosystem under a unique technology framework.The ultimate goal of LEBEN is to create a clinical healthcare quality all around the world so that resources in healthcare industry are not separated by any boundaries. It is just an action of fingertip to create your knowledge and share it.


LEBEN will change the current situation that ‘knowledge cannot be effectively shared and utilized’ in medical care industry.

On LEBEN platform, any doctor or medical institution can turn their knowledge, experience or data into smart contracts and share them with others in the contract mall.

Others can call these smart contracts through our devices or DApp to assist in diagnosis and treatment. The whole process is a "black box" operation. Sharers don't have to worry about data leakage, and users do not need to download and save data.



Fetal congenital heart disease auxiliary diagnosis

The LEBEN team uses the ICOP to connect 400+ hospitals and 2000+ doctors. More than 2400 high-quality cases could be obtained from other hospitals for AI training each week without keeping those cases, which will help to develop the medical knowledge into a smart contract as a tradable smart contract.


Home ‘micro-clinic’ for patients with cardio-cerebral diseases

Home ‘micro-clinic’ for patients with cardio-cerebral diseases

Portable terminal equipment +Data exchange platform + Smart Contract + AI to build closed-loop health management system and active healthcare. Screening, early warning and rehabilitation of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.



  • The value of LEBEN lies in the fact that data supply can be expanded from the supply-side reform.
  • In the empowerment ecological layer, a great environment is created to reduce transaction costs, improve efficiency by establishing a trusted data transaction platform in order to make data owners supply bravely, willingly and positively and to promote the balance of data supply and demand.
  • After that, through establishing the innovation ecological layer, the user's data demand will be further stimulated, and data production and supply will be driven by data demand to create their own virtuous circle.
  • It can realize the simultaneous expansion in the digital assets supply and demand and further promote the prosperity of LEBEN ecosystem.