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A letter from LEBEN chief designer

Hello, my friend.

Privacy protection of medical data is the premise of data fusion, sharing and open application. Only under the condition of ensuring security can Only under the conditiothecal industry develop healthily and orderly. Focusing on the core medical data protectionthis platform constructs A hierarchical classified fine-grained privacy protection mechanisn mechanisn mechanism, which uses cryptographic techniques such as attribute encryption, secure multi-party computation, homomorphic encryption, multiple signatures.

From:HaoGang Zhu

Design Ideas

In order to achieve the goals of the platform,
the design ideas of the technical system, based on the
premises of the design principles, is as followings.

  • Universal assetization of data and resources. A data asset is a data resource that is owned or controlled by a business or organization, which can bring future economic benefits. Not all data can be regarded as an asset. Only data that is controllable, measurable, and monetizable can become an asset. The fulfillment of the realizable nature of data assets, and the process of reflecting the value of data, are “data assetization”. At the same time, the storage, computing power, knowledge, etc., of the enterprise or organization can be assetized and realize its value on the platform.

  • Computability and enforceability of medical knowledge. It adopts cognitive computing-based formal smart contracts to fully solve the problem of collaborative computing of sensitive medical data and the integration of heterogeneous resources, so that medical knowledge will become recordable, computable, executable and measurable, which provides a new solution for the application of blockchain technology in the medical industry.

  • Trusted exchange of data and resources. In recognition of the value of data, the rental of data or information will have a broad market space in the business model with data assets as the core. Under the guidance of the platform trading rules and pricing standards, the data assets can flow, and data and resource asset transactions will be inevitably accelerated with the construction of data exchange mechanism and the improvement of security.

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